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Transcripts for the Entire conversation Between the Doctor and Sally via DVD easter egg.

Larry starts the DVD]
    Larry: And there he is.
    Sally: The Doctor.
    Larry: Who's the doctor?
    Sally: He's the Doctor.
    The Doctor: Yep, that's me.
    Sally: Okay, that's scary.
    Larry: No, it sounds like he's replying, but he always says that.
    The Doctor: Yes I do.
    Larry: And that.
    The Doctor: Yep, and this.
    Sally: He can hear us! Oh my God, you can really hear us!
    Larry: Of course he can't hear us. Look, I've got a transcript, see? Everything he says. 'Yep, that's me,' 'Yes I do,' 'Yep, and this,' next is...
    The Doctor and Larry: [in unison] Are you going to read out the whole thing?
    Larry: [sheepishly] Sorry.
    Sally: [to The Doctor] Who are you?
    The Doctor: [on the DVD] I'm a time traveller. Or I was. I'm stuck in 1969.
    Martha Jones: [Martha interrupts on-screen] We're stuck. All of space and time he promised me. Now I've got a job in a shop, I've got to support him!
    The Doctor: [gesturing at the screen] Martha!
    Martha Jones: Sorry.
    Sally: I've seen this bit before.
    The Doctor: Quite possibly.
    Sally: 1969? That's where you're talking from?
    The Doctor: 'Fraid so.
    Sally: But you're replying to me! You can't know exactly what I'm gana say 40 years before I say it!
    The Doctor: 38!
    Larry: I'm writing this down! I'm getting in your bits.
    Sally: How! How is this possible? Tell me!
    Larry: Not so fast!
    The Doctor: People don't understand time. It's not what you think it is.
    Sally: Then what is it?
    The Doctor: Complicated.
    Sally: Tell me.
    The Doctor: Very complicated.
    Sally: I'm clever, and I'm listening, and don't patronize me because people have died and I'm not happy. Tell me.
    The Doctor: People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect... but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly.... timey-wimey.... stuff.
    Sally: Yeah, I've seen this bit before. You said that sentence got away from you.
    The Doctor: It got away from me, yeah.
    Sally: Next thing you're gana say is 'well I can hear you.'
    The Doctor: Well I can hear you.
    Sally: This is impossible!
    Larry: No! It's Brilliant!
    The Doctor: Well not hear you exactly, but I know everything you're gana say.
    Larry: Always give's me the shivers, that bit.
    Sally: How can you know what I'm gonna say?
    The Doctor: [on the DVD] Look to your left.
    Larry: [Sally turns to see Larry writing something down] What's he mean by look to your left? I've written tons about that on the forums. I reckon it's a political statement.
    Sally: He means you. What are you doing?
    Larry: I'm writing in your bits. That way I've got a complete transcript of the entire conversation. Wait until this hits the net! This'll explode the egg forums!
    The Doctor: [on the DVD, pointing at the screen] I've got a copy of the finished transcript, it's on my autocue.
    Sally: How can you have a copy of the finished transcript? It's still being written!
    The Doctor: [on the DVD] I told you, I'm a time traveller - I got it in the future!
    Sally: Okay, let me get my head around this. You're reading aloud from a transcript of a conversation you're still having?
    The Doctor: [on the DVD, waving his hands dismissively] Oh, wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey...
    Sally: Actually, never mind that. (looks to Larry) You can do short hand.
    Larry: So?
    The Doctor: What matters is, we can communicate. We have got big problems now. They have taken the blue box, haven't they? The Angels have the phone box.
    Larry: "The Angels have the phone box". That's my favorite; I've got that on a t-shirt!
    Sally: What do you mean "Angels"? You mean those statue things?
    The Doctor: Creatures from another world.
    Sally: But they're just statues.
    The Doctor: Only when you see them.
    Sally: What does that mean?
    The Doctor: Lonely Assassins, they used to be called. No one quite knows where they came from, but they're as old as the Universe, or very nearly, and they have survived this long because they have the most perfect defense system ever evolved. They're quantum locked. They don't exist when they're being observed. The moment they are seen by any other living creature, they freeze into rock. No choice, it's a fact of their biology. In the sight of any living thing they literally turn to stone. And you can't kill a stone. 'Course, a stone can't kill you either, but then you turn your head away. Then you blink, and oh yes it can!
    Sally: [to Larry, referring to a nearby Angel] Don't take your eyes off that.
    The Doctor: That's why they cover their eyes. They're not weeping, they can't risk looking at each other. Their greatest asset is their greatest curse. They can never be seen. Loneliest creatures in the Universe. And I'm sorry. I am very, very sorry, it's up to you now.
    Sally: What am I supposed to do?
    The Doctor: The blue box; it's my time machine. There is a world of time energy in there that they could feast on forever, but the damage they would do could switch off the sun. You have got to send it back to me.
    Sally: How? How?!
    The Doctor: And that's it, I'm afraid. There's no more from you on the transcript, that's the last I've got. I don't know what stopped you talking but I can guess. They're coming. The Angels are coming for you, but listen -your life could depend on this- don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast, faster than you could believe. Don't turn your back, don't look away, and don't blink. [beat] Good luck.

Loved this episode and this scene! Couldn't find the whole conversation anywhere so thought I'd do the Transcripts myself. This is the result! Hope you like it!
I looked EVERYWHERE for the full transcripts of the conversation between the Doctor and Sally, not just the Doctors side, and I couldn't find it which made me really sad. D': So I took matters into my own hands. So here it is! Enjoy!
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KajiraGames Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was looking for this exact thing. And where should google take me but back to good old dA. Thanks!
estervy Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015
Thank you so much im gonna ues this for my Drama class. thank you!
GingaNinja32 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Student General Artist
I pulled the video up on youtube of half the conversation and "talked" with the Doctor. So much fun!
JazzDreamStudios Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
I gotta try that!!! :D
reflectionsoffear Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
So did it. Sometimes I did a good job and the timing was perfect...others there was a 2-5 second pause. But good fun.
daniepines Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Student Writer
THANK YOU! :icondipperpinesplz:
Sings-With-Spirits Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013
THANK YOU! I've been searching for exactly this for a while now.

Don't worry about that.

Yeah, me too.

No, it's not.

Well, you know, timey-wimey...

You too.

Shiva722BLARB Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Student Writer
I have a video of the Doctor's part of the conversation and I read this aloud to the video and acted like I was talking to him. Thanks for doing this transcript!
Jessiem94 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
no problem!
Rhissanna Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Yes, thank you!
Original cult video of strange man having half a conversation is here [link]
Wizard529 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
Thanks for making this

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